Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Water Ban in Burlington, MA - No Coffee = Desperate Measures

I work at at tech company in Burlington, MA and because of E. Coli found in the water, there is currently a water ban.

This means, no coffee. I've heard the local Panera and Dunkin Donuts is sold out.

I became really desperate for my caffeine fix this morning, so, I made my own temporary coffee maker using the bottled water and paper cups the company provided.

First - Boil the bottled Water (no picture needed).
The hotter the better the brew - I put mine in for 5 min.

Second - Build your apparatus;

Punch holes in the bottom of a cup using a fork.
I found the smaller a fewer the holes is better - the water drips slower and gets a better brew.

Put the coffee grounds in a filter, and then place the filter in the cup with holes in the bottom. I tried putting the filter in the cup and pouring the grounds in - it just makes a mess and the grounds fall outside the filter.

Put the cup with filter on top of another cup, and pour in the boiling water.

The plastic stirs turned out to be too weak, so, I quickly substituted the knives which worked great.

Let it Drip!!

Now, you have a fresh, hot cup of coffee without E. Coli or a hunt for a coffee shop.


  1. Great trick.

    Physics 101 note: water will boil at a constant temperature, regardless of how long it boils. The temperature depends on what is actually in your "water" (like dissolved minerals) and atmospheric pressure.

  2. LOL Amazing !!! a lesson for life !

  3. Fantastic solution! I saw the image of of it, and knew exactly what you were after!

  4. ...there's a company that would rather run out of / not be allowed to use tap water, so stopped selling coffee, instead of going to the local cash and carry and buying bottled water to make coffee???

  5. A lot of commercial coffee making machines rely on pressurized tap / line water. Even if you got a jug of water from a store, you aren't able to hook it up to a coffee machine without some method of pressuring it and delivering it into the machine.